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Viasat Internet Data Plans: Full Review

If you reside in the backwoods of the USA then you must be aware of the name Viasat. It is one of the only two satellite internet providers in the USA. HughesNet and Viasat are only two satellite internet service providers in the USA. The best part about satellite internet connectivity is that it is available anywhere you go! You can connect to the internet wherever you are in the USA. Viasat internet data plans help users to connect to the internet with incredible speed. While HughesNet has a bigger user base than Viasat, if you want speed then you have to choose Viasat. Viasat broadband internet plans in my area offer speed up to 100 MBPS. 

Viasat internet data plans are flexible and you get a lot of choices and people who reside in rural areas can finally connect to the internet. With Viasat’s speed, you can easily stream online shows and do other work simultaneously without buffering. Just a heads up! Faster speeds come at a cost. Viasat’s faster internet plans are much more expensive than HughesNet’s top-end plans. 

Viasat Plans and Pricing

PlansPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Liberty 12$3012 MBPS12 GB
Liberty 25$5012 MBPS25 GB
Liberty 50$7512 MBPS75 GB
Unlimited Bronze 12$5012 MBPS35 GB
Unlimited Silver 12$10012 MBPS45 GB
Unlimited Gold 12$15012 MBPS65 GB
Unlimited Silver 25$7025 MBPS60 GB
Unlimited Gold 30$10030 MBPS100 GB
Unlimited Gold 50$10050 MBPS100 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100$150100 MBPS150 GB

Viasat internet data plans start at just $30 per month in which users get 12 GB data they can use over a time span of a month. With Viasat, you have to brace yourself for the price hike after 3 months. If 12 GB data is too low for you then you can choose from either of the high-end plans if your pockets can afford it. The starter plans are for very light users only, if you don’t monitor your data usage then you may have to pay overage fees every month. 

But if you can’t go without streaming then keep in mind that watching one movie in HD will cost you about 3 GB data. So you’re losing 25% of your data by just watching one movie. There’s a solution to that problem if you can’t afford to get a plan that offers more data. You can reduce the video quality to the low definition and you’ll just use around 0.3 GB data per hour. 

Higher priced plans offer you better data cap and obviously better speed. So you can both stream without buffering and without worrying about going over the data limit. 

Viasat Internet Speed

Viasat internet data plans max out at 100 MBPS in few areas. Viasat is constantly trying to attain better speeds with more powerful technology. The top speed can be compared with DSL or cable internet service. In terms of speed Viasat broadband internet plans in my area clearly wins the competition. Viasat offers four times the speed of HughesNet and maybe that’s the reason most people try Viasat first when they move into a remote location. 

Let’s break down the kind of video quality you can get without buffer with Viasat Internet data plans. 

  • Unlimited Bronze 25: Can stream 360P videos
  • Unlimited Silver 25: Can stream 480P Videos
  • Unlimited Gold 30: Can stream 720P Videos
  • Unlimited Gold 50: Can stream 720P Videos
  • Unlimited Platinum 100: Can stream 1080P Videos

Now that you understand what you can get with each plan, it will help you in deciding better what you actually need. If you can’t go a day without streaming movies or TV shows then you definitely need to pick the top tier plan. Viasat prices jump up to $20-30 after 3 months so if you are paying $150 now, you’ll have to pay $180 after 3 months. So be prepared for that.

Viasat Equipment and Installation Cost

Satellite internet connection is highly costly and you should prepare yourself for that. To ease some of your pain, Viasat offers you standard free installation with all their plans. You can’t choose self-installation with satellite internet unless you wish to stand on your roof and install internet service. As part of the contract, you have to either rent or purchase your equipment (WiFi Gateway) from Viasat. You can also choose your own equipment if you wish to but you’ll still have to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 regardless of the router you use so it’s better that you choose the one that’s offered by Viasat, that way you can get free technical support if your router causes you trouble. 

Conclusion: Viasat Internet Data Plans

Overall, Viasat offers almost everything that you can expect out of a satellite internet service provider. If you have currently moved to a rural area then you should give Viasat a try as the internet is a necessity. If you choose HughesNet, you’ll save more money than Viasat but if speed and data are your concern then Viasat broadband internet plans in my area is the right pick. 


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